At RCC, we stand out for our rigorous research methods, data-driven strategies, and innovative techniques. We take pride in our ability to stay at the forefront of the industry, employing cutting-edge tools and technologies to enhance campaign effectiveness.

Field Canvassing

We are ready to stand up a field canvassing program to help you reach your target audience at their door.

Field canvassing efforts have been and remain the most trusted & impactful method of voter contact. What makes the difference is which door and how you train your volunteers...


Through highly targeted data sets; we can help you get your message out to the masses with enthusiasm and accuracy. 

"Despite the increasing difficulty that campaigns face in being able to contact voters via phone (and especially via landlines), there is little doubt that contact via phone is a central component of campaigning"

~ (Nickerson, 2006; Nickerson et al., 2006; Michelson et al., 2009; Gerber and Green, 2015). Although arguably not as effective as face-to-face canvassing (Gerber and Green 2000, 2015), Nickerson's (2006; Nickerson et al., 2006)


Whether it's a blurb or your short treatise. We know it's important to reach the right people and are ready  to help.

"...a substantial body of experimental evidence suggesting that personal appeals to vote (e.g., authentic conversations in person or by phone) tend to be more effective than recorded messages or mass emails." 

~[Green and Gerber, 2019].